Thursday, December 19, 2013

Twig Tree Decoration

Looking for a last minute gift idea for someone who has everything? Or maybe you just want crafty idea for yourself? Either way this is the perfect thing...a twig Christmas tree!

I found a image of a twig tree floating around Pinterest and had to try it.

Here's what I used:

8 X 10 canvas
mod podge
sticks I collect from our town park
yarn (which I had left from this project)
berries from a berry garland
wire cutters (to cut the berries off the garland)
Marion Smith's Vintage Trinkets
hot glue & gun

First I attached my burlap to the canvas. I used Mod Podge to cover the front surface and along the sides. I smoothed out a piece of burlap over top the canvas. I then flipped it over and pulled the burlap tight all the way around it and secured it with hot glue. I allowed the mod podge to dry.
Next, I broke my stick pieces and lined them up on the canvas to take the shape of a tree. 

Next I decided to wrap yarn around the "trunk" of the tree. I just wrapped the yarn around it several times and then tied a knot in front. I then glued all the sticks in place. And added some Marion Smith vintage trinkets as the tree topper and some extra embellishments.

Then I made the garland. I took a piece of red yarn and tied knots along it. The knots were made tying them 3 at a time together then moving about an inch (guessing, I didn't actually measure them) away and tied the knots again.

Then I hot glued the yarn in a zig-zag pattern going up the tree.

Next, I finished decorating the tree by adding berries I had from a berry garland I bought awhile ago on clearance from A.C. Moore. I used wire cutters to remove the berries then hot glued them into place.

Here's the finished tree!

Hope you enjoyed this quick last minute Christmas decoration. Thanks for stopping by!

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