Saturday, March 31, 2012

T-shirt bag

So I was just on Pinterest and found this T-shirt remake into a bag...super easy and no sewing needed. I would tell you how to make it but this tutorial is super easy and you should definately check it out. Here's what I made on my first try!

Friday, March 16, 2012


So I went looking for filler for in the baskets that we are making for my sister-in-laws bridal shower. I couldn't believe the prices. They want $3 or $4 per bag and it'll only fill one basket and we are making 6....NO WAY! I'm totally not paying that price. Then I walked in to Michael's and yes they wanted $3.99/bag, yuck! So I went on with my shopping (had to pick up a gift card for a co-worker's 50th b-day) and noticed the single sheets of scrapbook paper/cardstock was on sale 6 for $1....LIGHT BULB TURNS ON....why don't I just pick out colors similar to her wedding colors and take the cardstock home and shred it in my paper shredder??? So that's what I did. I bought $6 worth and it's enough to fill each basket at $1 a piece....I'm so thirfty and crafty that sometimes I scare myself ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crafting a Wedding

So as it turns out, life with a new baby leaves just about zero time for crafts. But I've managed to sneak some time in to get things made for my sister-in-laws wedding. I had to make wine glass charms for the bridal shower. I ordered both the charms and the charm rings from people off, then I just used beads I had at home. And My friend, Angela, her mom and I went thrift store shopping to find wine glasses. I think they turned out really nice. All the beading is different and I picked out 3 different charms (a ring in a box, a dress and an envelope with a heart coming out). Here's what they look like:

Another task I took on was creating flowers for our hair that would match our dresses. Her wedding colors are camo and fern green. Our dress (thank goodness) are the fern green. So with a little help from, my friend, Angela had pinned and flower pillow how-to from which showed how to make flowers from satin...very easy...but I've never attempted anything like this before. So when we bought our dresses we also bought the fabric sample swatches that I used to make the flowers. I bought some shiny antique, gold tulle from JoAnn fabrics and with alittle cutting and sewing I had this:

My next task will be finishing the card box for the inspiration?

You'll have to wait until next time to see how it turned out :)