Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pinspiration Sunday: Felt Christmas Tree for kids

So this year is the first year we will be decorating for Christmas with a baby. Last year I made my husband help me decorate before Thanksgiving. But in my defense, I was due Nov. 29th, so we couldn’t be too sure when our little guy was coming so I wanted it done and out of the way. I’m figuring it may be difficult with my son’s puma like moving skills…I mean honestly, he doesn’t walk but he can crawl incredibly fast that he can almost out move me. Anyways, I came across this post on Pinterest for a felt Christmas tree from Johnny in a Dress, and I thought how perfect...he can decorate and undecorate that as much as wants. Here's my inspiration:

This is how I made mine. First I went to JoAnn Fabrics. Now my intentions that day was not to buy for this project but the felt was on sale for $2.99/yd so I had to buy it. I purchased a full yard of dark green (I wasn’t too sure how big I was going to make the tree) and only a half yard of the rest of the colors. Then with my Cricut machine I cut out a star, two different sized round tags (ornaments), a light bulb tag (because I wanted the shape, I just cut the loop at the top off) and a candy cane. I believe I used the Very Merry Tags die for the candy cane, light bulb and ornaments and George Basic for the star. I tweaked the sizes using the Cricut Craftroom software. I just cut these out of cardstock then used them to trace around on my felt. Then cut out the decorations.

The tree I cut out by simply folding my felt in half and cut a diagonal line from the corner up. Then I glued the star on the top using tacky fabric glue. I cut the trunk, presents and bows by hand and hot glued those to the bottom of the tree (the tacky glue just wasn’t holding up very well).

I used fabric paint on the candy canes to make the stripes.

I started to put paint on the ornaments too but then decided I really didn’t think it was worth the effort. When it comes time to put this tree on the wall I’m planning on using the Command Velcro strips.

These things are great! I use them for SOOOOOOO much around the house. That way I can put the tree up or take it down when he’s not playing with it. My final project looks like this:

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