Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinspiration Sunday: Snowman Muffin Tin

So I found the above snowman tin on Pinterest. It looks so adorable and easy to make. I headed out to the thrift stores to find some old muffin tins. One weekend I only spotted a mini muffin pan. So I scooped that up for 50 cents. Then the following weekend I found two regular sized muffin tins for 75 cents each! What a steal!!!!! They were silver like this.

I bought blue spray paint from Wal-Mart which was less than $4. And I had a bronze spray paint already at home. (The mini pan was already a dark brown color and I liked it the way it was) I sprayed the two larger pans. And let them dry.

Next I started painting the muffin projections using a sponge brush and dabbing the color on. At first I only painted the top. I used white craft smart paint from Michael’s (which I already had) on the blue tin and vanilla on the brown.

But upon revisiting my Pinterest board I realized the whole muffin projection was painted. I then splattered the entire thing and hand painted in some snowflakes.

Unlike the original Pin, I couldn’t find the cute wooden hearts used for the noses
(I looked at both Michael’s and A.C. Moore) so I just painted them on.

Once I was completely done I sprayed them with an acrylic sealer. After I sprayed them and they dried I noticed the paint on the snowmen faces looked splotchy. So I covered them with a few more coats of paint, reapplied the faces and then sprayed acrylic sealer on them again. Added some ribbon to hang them by.

These will make great gifts! I actually just went on the original site which was an Etsy shop. This shop was selling them for $20! I made 3 total at a cost of < $6. With a profit like that, I may have to sell mine too ;^P

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