Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pinspiration Sunday: Lacey Table Top

I bought a coffee table last summer from a yard sale for $10. I bought it knowing that I wanted to re-do it. It has this inlet that I was planning to fill in with tile or something…however, my lil’ tot likes using this table to hold his snacks….and my husband liked it too. So on to plan B. I got this idea from the ladies over at A Beautiful Mess…once again, I’m in love with their creativity! But this table having the center set down in made it a little tricky…but I think it turned out okay anyways. 

Here’s what I used:
Wooden coffee table ($10 yard sale find)
Electric sander (already owned)
Windex and paper towels (cleaning supplies)
White primer
2 different sized paint brushes and a small paint roller
Cream colored spray paint (got at Lowe’s for less than $4)
Brown latex paint (had from when we moved into our house and painted)
Sealant (already had from other projects)
Lace (25 cents from yard sale)

So first thing first….time to sand this table down…well at least the parts that could fit the sander.

Then I cleaned it with Windex and paper towels…somewhere on the internet I read that you should clean it with Windex.

Next I primed the entire table and allowed it to dry.

Then I painted just the inside top brown and allowed it to dry.

Then it was time for the lace…it was hard to pull the lace taught so I had to not only tape around the top edge but I had to make doughnuts along the inside edge to keep the lace as close to the surface I wanted painted. 

Then I spray painted over the entire lace covered area.

 I took the lace off immediately after I sprayed so that it wouldn’t stick to the table.
When you look closer at the table you can see that the edges are kind of fuzzy…like out of focus, that’s because the lace wasn't as close to the table surface…but I kind of like that effect.

Next came time to paint the rest of the table.  I used a roller for most of it to get a nice, smooth, even finish. I used a small brush in the corners and in areas where there were gaps in the wood pieces.

I allowed it to dry overnight. The next morning I applied a spray sealant and allowed that to dry…and it was done!


As always, thank you so much for stopping by!

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