Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pinspiration Sunday: DIY Changing Pad Cover

Here's another post on getting the nursery ready. I'm on overdrive as they are thinking of placing me on bed rest and have given me steroids in case I should have a preterm delivery. So it's time to get these projects done. This one came from Pretty Prudent again. I used the left over fabric from my crib sheet tutorial and my adjustable crib skirt tutorial.

Fabric of your choice
sewing machine
pins and a safety pin
measuring tools

*Be sure to wash and dry your fabric before you begin*

My changing pad is the standard  32" long X 16" wide and 3-4" high so these directions are for those measurements. Since I used two fabrics I measured one to be 17.5" X 32" and the other 30.5" X 32". or you can use one fabric and cut it to measure 48" X 32".

Place your fabrics facing one another along the 32" side and sew them together. Jaime suggested then trimming the seam with pinking shears but I don't own those so I did not (like I've said before I'm not a seamstress). Then iron your seam flat.

Next cut 8" X 8" squares out of each corner. 

Now with the two sides facing each other sew along to create your corners.

Now it's time to create the hem to feed your elastic through. Fold your fabric over about a half inch  or so and iron. Then fold over again and pin (this time I didn't iron...I'm lazy). Next sew along to create your hem leaving room so that you can thread your elastic through. Start in one corner, back stitching and leave room when you come back to that corner to thread the elastic and back stitch.

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Jaime said to use a yard of elastic 5/8" or less. I used a 1/2" elastic and once I finished it was too tight and my changing pad would not lay flat so I took the elastic out and used a 46" piece and this worked great for me. Pin one end to the cover and pin a safety pin to the other end and feed through the hem you've made.

Once all the way through, sew the two ends of the elastic together. 

Now you can finish sewing the gap you left. You should get something that looks like this.

Now it's time to put it on the changing're done!

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