Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY Crib Bumper Makeover this project was a little more difficult then I liked...mostly just stuffing the old bumper into the bumper case I just created. I started out taking pictures and then I was just kind of over it. I pinned this tutorial from the Dickerson Diaries, please check out that tutorial. For my project I used one fabric (bought 3 yards used almost all) then another solid color for the ties (1/2 yard). Here's how I used just one fabric. I measured the bumper I was planning to cover (bought it at a second hand store, washed it, dried it and then I was ready to cover it) which was 9 1/2 inches tall and 153 inches long. I measured my fabric and cut it to be 12 inches tall and cut the entire 3 yards length. I did this until the entire bumper was covered twice (to cover inside and out). Then I sewed all pieces together to make one VERY long strip. For the rest of the process I would check out Dickerson Diaries.  It's a great tutorial and was easy to follow. The only thing I changed was instead of having both ends meet and both ends have ties, I connected ties to one end and on the other I made holes using my button hole feature on my sewing machine then laced the ties from the other end through those before tying it to the crib. These are pictures from some of the process and the finished bumper.

button holes on one end, ties on the other

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