Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today Is a Journey

Sometimes I forget to take each day as they come. Everyday is different and everyday there is a chance to do something amazing...no matter how small it is. Sometimes its hard for me to remember this. I get caught up in daily struggle of work, being a mom, being a wife and being myself. I made this birdhouse for myself....which is very rare. I almost never make anything that I plan on keeping for myself...no matter how much I love it. But this...this is for me. My daily reminder that today, anything can happen and today I can start a new journey.

I made this birdhouse by using Marion Smith Designs' Nirvana collection. I Used the pages, Family Record, Documented and Cloud 9. If your favorite craft store doesn't carry Marion Smith Designs' items yet, you can order through Amazon. The birdhouse template can be found at Marion Smith Designs Shop. I also used flowers from Michael's craft stores and the balls are from some floral picks that I had stored away. Hope you enjoyed this project. Thanks for stopping by!

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