Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pinspiration Sunday: Rag Wreath

I've seen a lot of rag wreaths floating around Pinterest and I finally decided to make my own. As I'm sure we all know burlap is pretty cheap....however, I decided to buy some orange burlap with gold threading...which looks awesome but was WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than the regular burlap and I was kicking myself for purchasing it. But to be honest...I LOVE the way this wreath turned out using that crazy expensive burlap. 

So here is what I used to make my wreath:

burlap (3 yards purchased but I only used about 2 1/2)
wire wreath form (18in with 4 wires going around)
glitter spiders from Walmart (which I had left from this project)
glitter spider and web from Michael's
hot glue and gun
Made my own "spooky" sign
ribbon for bow

To get started I cut strips of burlap in about 1 inch sections. I used the method of removing one thread then cutting along that line to help the burlap from fraying. (If you need further instructions on that I would be happy to share it...just let me know) Which gave me very long pieces. Then I cut those pieces either into 3rds or 4ths. Next I worked wire by wire, section by section, tying the burlap pieces on. Once I had all four wires in one section filled then I would move to the next section. This is a very long process and cutting and working with burlap is very messy (just a warning).  For a great video explanation on how to put this together, check out this video from Cassie & Co Blog.

After many hours...the wreath was finally covered. Make sure all your knots are in the back and strips of burlap are facing forward. 

Then it's placement of your decorations. I made my bow myself...and I'm amazed it turned out as good as it did...I have never made a "fancy" bow...and I had no idea how to do it. I used a no-wire satin ribbon...very difficult to work with. I would strongly recommend using as wired ribbon and look on YouTube for some great videos on how to make the perfect bow. I attached my bow with floral wire (which is actually still visible...but shhhh!)

Then I added the spiders and spider/web decorations with hot glue. 

I made my "spooky" decoration by using my Cricut machine, scrapbook paper (one piece was glittery) and wet glue. Once it dried, I hot glued that into place. 

Finally I hung it on my front door.

And there you have it...burlap rag wreath. Again I want to stress that this is time consuming and pretty messy. But it's worth it, I think. And it's pretty cheap (as long as you don't buy burlap with gold thread in it). 

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