Tuesday, June 25, 2013

White Washed Wood

At work one night I came out of my exam room to find this brown, wooden box in the housekeeping trash can. I did not dumpster dive for this, it literally was just setting on top of a giant trash bin. And so...I ask if it was trash. Cathy, our lovely Rad. Dept. "environmental service" member assured me that no one wanted it...and so........I took it! It's FREE! My favorite 4 letter F-word. But she made me promise to share with her what I made with it. And I'm not just going to share with her...I'm going to share with all of you! This is my new nightstand!

So I took this old box-like thing...sanded it by hand and cleaned it off...

Next I mixed some latex white paint with water...made it pretty runny (I figured the runnier the better...you can always add layers).Then I dipped a washcloth in the watered down paint and brushed the box, using the same direction for each stroke. I ended up doing 2 coats and allowed them to dry in between (which happened pretty quickly because I did it on my back porch with the 90 degree sun beating down on me).

After it was completely dried, I sanded the edges (cause I like that look).

Finally I sprayed a sealant all over and allowed that to dry. Then I attached it to my wall about nightstand height using shelf brackets (bought from Lowe's) that we had left from a shelf we were using prior to our bedroom makeover.

This was a VERY easy and quick project. I hope it gave you an idea for some trash to treasure projects. Thanks for stopping by!

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