Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pinspiration Sunday: Christmas Wrapping

This year I found a new way to wrap gifts for Christmas on Pinterest. Just use brown packaging paper and some ribbon and stamps. I love this amazingly simple and clean look! This is my original pin from The Haystack Needle:

This is what mine look like:

The paper I bought from Amazon. It was about $26 and it is a HUGE roll. If you would like to check it out you can find it here.The ribbon I bought at Michael's clearanced for $1.99 a roll. And the stamps I also bought at Michael's. They were originally $9.99 but on sale for 40% off.

And then I found this idea:

As soon as I saw the above photo on Pinterest I did the “pin now and look at it later” and started saving my toilet paper rolls. But then when I went back to look at it, it went a video which does not show you how to make them. Just shows ones made. Not too much of a worry for me because as I’ve said in the past, I like to figure things out on my own. This toilet paper roll gift boxes work great with this look. I didn’t need to do any decorating to them. But you could always cover with scrapbook paper prior to getting started. Here’s how I made mine. First I flattened the roll out.

Next I grabbed a ribbon roll and placed it at the end of the roll and scored the outer edge to make a curve. I did this on front and back and both ends. Using the ribbon roll allowed me to line up and make consistent score marks.

Then you fold in along the score marks to make the box close on each end.

My plan was to use these for gift cards. Unfortunately I did not measure the gift card to the toilet paper roll. What I found was the cards were too big to fit inside.

Not a problem…I’ll start again. This time I just free-handed the score marks and hoped they turned out okay...and guess what?!?!?! They did!

Next I stamped the name on the front. Placed the gift card inside and tied some small red ribbon around it.

Perfection! And cheap!!!!

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