Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The King Married His Queen...and They Had a Photo Booth!

Well the nuptials of King and Cupiccia came and went this past weekend. It was a blast and a pleasure to not only be there to see it but to be a part of it! I love them both and wish them a lifetime of happiness!!!! And our gift of a photo booth was achieved! It turned out great. My wonderful electronics engineering husband made a button to operate the Spark Booth software which we purchased for $59. We bought a tripod for around $40 at Best Buy. We already had a computer monitor that we weren't using so we attached that to the tripod and attached the webcam on top and used my laptop to run the program. I wish we would have taken a picture of the finally setup to show you, but unfortunately, we did not. Instead of using the fabric I bought at the antique store we just used the barn wall which was a GREAT background! The props were placed on a table between the barn and the tripod. The button box was attached to the table via Velcro. The wedding was outdoors in the late afternoon into the evening hours so we bought a can light that we attached to the tripod and used a 40 watt bulb. Next time we will place a light diffusing sheet over it as the light was a little bright.
We didn't have a printer for the night so we uploaded the images on to a private PhotoBucket page and password protected it. On the table with the props we left a "Thank You" box with the web address and password so people could view everyone's photos. All-in-all I would say that we did a great job with this project. I think the Kings and their guest enjoyed it...I know I sure did!

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