Monday, March 29, 2010

Handmade Autograph Book

A friend of mine is taking her 8 year old daughter and niece to Disney World next month. The girls are hoping to collect the Disney character’s autographs while they are there. So she asked me if I could make autograph books for them. She gave me the top 3 favorite colors for each girl and away I went. First I started by finding a cardboard box. Albert just happened to get a new computer last week so we had boxes left from that. I used the box the keyboard came in which was great because it already had one end bent for the flaps of the box which is where the crease to open and close the book would be.

I just randomly chose a size. I wanted it to be small but have plenty of room for them to have a signature and perhaps embellish it later so it can be more like a mini scrapbook. So it is about 7 ½ by 3 ½ inches. I lined-up what will be the front cover and back cover together to make sure they were even (or close enough…remember it’s homemade, not perfection).

Then I roughly punched 2 holes in each piece where I will later put ribbon through to bind the book.Next I covered each piece of cardboard with scrapbook paper and taped it down.

Then I folded in each end like wrapping a present and taped that down.

I used a very tiny screw driver (which happened to be handy) to poke holes through where the previous hole punches were.

Next I cut paper to go inside the book. I made these about 7 ¼ by 3inches.

Two of the pages I taped using double sided tape to the inside of each cover to hide the paper that had been folded over and poked tiny holes in those.

Next I threaded some ribbon through everything and tied a bow.

Finally I decorated the front.

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