Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pinspiration Sunday: Plastic Drawer Re-do

I found this pin to re-do a plastic drawer stand. I've had this pink plastic drawer since I was in college. It in no way goes with anything in our house. So this was the perfect opportunity to make it fit. Here's what I started with. 

The fronts are actually covered by card envelopes with my name on them. As you can see...the top one had something in the drawer that leaked at one time...did I swap it out? Nope! But that's okay, I'm making it up for it now.

Here's how I started mine. First I took out the drawers. Then I wiped the entire pink section down (it was pretty gross with caked on dust :^/). Next, I sanded over a few areas that were scratched and wiped the dust away. Then I sprayed the entire thing down with Valspar's Plastic Primer which I purchased from Lowe's for about $5. And I allowed that to dry completely.

Next I took my pretty in pink drawer stand out to our concrete slab, put some plastic under it and sprayed it with that beautiful La Fonda Copper by Valspar spray paint I used on my thrift store finds seen here. I gave it 2 coats and allowed it to completely dry in between. 

Next, it was time for the drawers. They had to be emptied and wiped down as well. Then I taped off the front with paper and masking tape. 

Then I sprayed it with the plastic primer and after it dried I sprayed all the outside of the drawers with white spray paint. I allowed that to dry over night. The next day I sprayed them with a sealant and again allowed it to dry completely. Then I removed the tape and paper.

Now it was time for the paper. I bought some digital paper awhile back and I used one from that to make these drawer covers. I printed out 3 sheets. Next I applied Mod Podge to the inside front of the drawers like this:

Then I pressed and smoothed the paper to the drawer front

I allowed them to dry completely. Then I cut the excess paper off the top. I finished off by applying another coat of mod podge to the back of the paper. Here's the finished project again.

 I would recommend using a lighter colored paper to decorate the drawers. As you can see in mine there are a few areas that appear lighter because the mod podge wasn't as thick there so it pulled a little bit away from the drawer. After mine turned out like this, I took a closer look at the original pin (seen below) and realized the same thing happened on that one. But I still like the way it turned out. A much greater improvement from the beginning.

Here's the original drawer re-do from Simply Living that I saw on Pinterest:

Hope you enjoyed this makeover. If you try this project out, let me know how yours turned out! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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