Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gettin' Busy

Well I've been working in my craft room. Oh how I missed it. I've worked on my scrapbook about my pregnancy and Grayson. I was making it too embellished so I had to cut off the binding and use ribbon. I'll post pics soon. I also made a Christmas themed box to hold very mini albums that I saw on Marion Smith's webshows. I'll be sure to blog about that too. I want to make Christmas stockings this year and I found a great pattern using felt (I'm a beginner sewer) and I saw on someone's blog about this pattern and how easy it is to use. Today I went and bought all my fabric needed so hopefully I'll work on those soon too. I will, again, be sure to post about that. Finally I still have my last Pay It Forward gift to finish...I'm struggling to make it perfect. I wanted to have it finished for my baby shower to say thanks and that I didn't forget about her, but unfortunately I didn't get it done. She's been an AMAZING friend and I want her to know how much I appreciate her. Hopefully I can get it done soon. I have lots of projects I would like to do, I just gotta get the inspiration and motivation to get them going and get them done. Keep checking in. I have lots to share and I'll try to get things posted more regularly.

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