Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Craft Room

I wanted to share my new craft room...I was so excited to move downstairs...My old room was shaped awkwardly and there wasn't much room for shelves to hang on the wall...I have so much more storage in my new room and I am able to get a big table in the room so I have a better work space..

This was my old room (didn't keep it this messy we started to move stuff out already) Oh and see that itty bitty table in the left corner? Yeah, that was my work table...I usually ended up working on the floor...

Here's Albert putting up the shelves in the closet

Got the new table in...

So here's the pics of my new craft room.

The cherry cabinet holds scrapbooks and Cricut cartridges which I purchased at a yardsale for $10...The shelf above it was also from a yardsale (free) which holds some odds and ends. Next to the shelf is a Birthday gift from my Aunt Cindy. It's a wrapping paper organizer but I used it for ribbon and some other accessories. Below that is my paper and sticker stand.

This is my new 6 foot table I got for my birthday. I have so much room to work now! I love it! I have a power strip to plug in any tools I may need and surronding the table are lots of accessories...I have a basket full of scissors, buttons, flowers, brads and eyelets in canisters on the magnet board. And the shelves (one from a thrift store, the other from a yardsale) holds my glues, glimmer mists, ink pads, and others odds and ends. Be;ow the table are laces, a trash bad, plain boxes that I will decorate to put up on etsy...

This is my computer stand...nothing really exciting there.

This is my hubby bought me the shelves and put them up for my birthday...I have lots of goodies in those bags and boxes...Tim Holtz grunge board fills a bag, lots of glue dots fills another, cut outs, paints, floral accessories etc.

And finally the enterance to my crafty cave :)

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