Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Admit One

So I’ve been practicing making mini albums…after discovering Marion Smith on the web (if you don’t know who she is check her out on you tube or her site I’ve been inspired to make mini albums. Because of Marion I’ve also discovered Tim Holtz who has been hiding under my nose for years. He makes a line of distressed scrapbooking material…to me they are both Gods! I’ve really enjoyed learning everything I have from world of scrapbooking has grown which my husband hasn’t been too happy about when he saw the damage it did to our bank account. But I must say that I DID NOT pay full price for anything. I am a bargain shopper, always have been, and always will be. That should make him happy...but doesn’ any discoveries have made my lonely, jobless summer fly by. But like they say, “all good things must come to an end” and my end will be in a few weeks as I have been officially offered a job! YAY! But I still plan on updating this, hopefully more than I do now, and will continue making my crafts that I sell on etsy. I’ve really had a lot of fun this summer discovering crafts, bargain finds, and myself. Anyways I just wanted to show you a mini album I made, that was suggested by my husband (shocked? Me too). He wanted an album that we could put our movie and concert tickets in. I have saved them since we first started dating so we have 5 years worth. With the help of Tim Holtz’s grunge board, some acrylic paint, mod podge and the zutter bind-it-all (another thing Marion has shown me) I made this mini album. I just have it put together and I haven’t started putting the tickets in yet but I will...eventually.

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