Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lomo Action Sampler

The Lomography website had a sale on some of their merchandise about a week and a half ago. I bought some film and I bought another camera. This is a 35mm camera that has 4 lenses. It’s called an action sampler. They actually make them with 6 and 9 lenses but this one was cheap ($20) so I went with this one. Unfortunately, I have a lot to learn about this camera too. Only about 10 images actually are visible but luckily the camera came with a roll of film so I’m not too upset that it was kind of a waste of 36 exposures. What I learned from this first run with Boing (that’s what I call it because it was labeled the “football” style camera…it says “Boing” on it and the “o” is a soccer ball) is that aim is important, lots of light is important and, of course, movement is important. Some of my images kind of cut off what I was trying to focus on. And my indoor pictures are not distinguishable and if there is no movement, then its just the same 4 images. What I liked about the images were some pretty colors. Some of them were just so blue…one of the reasons I like lomo cameras is the way an image can be saturated with a color with or without a color flash. I’m working with Diana still…I’m trying to find out where I can get 120 film developed without being so costly….I’ll be sure to update on that…for now enjoy some of the images I got with BOING!

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