Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pinspiration Sunday: DIY Mobile

Are you tired of nursery DIY tutorials? Me neither! So here's another one...DIY mobile.

My inspiration came from this picture on Pinterest from an Etsy Shop called  Marigold Poms.

I could make something like this

Here's how I made mine...

Embroidery hoop (I used a 12in)
fabric in varying colors
hot glue

spray paint (I used a cream color)
Bird (which I made)
sewing machine
matching thread

First things first you have to make your pom poms. I used different types of fabric which included cottons, fleece and felt. I cut out a bunch of circles for each fabric.

Next, instead of buying Styrofoam balls, I decided to use corks, which I have a ton of (saving them for some other project I might get around to doing someday). I cut them in half. 

Here's a video to show you exactly how I assembled them.

Next, I wanted to incorporate a bird into the mobile. I used the fabric bird tutorial I found on Lavender's Blue Designs . You can click over to her page for the pattern and follow her directions from there. I also took pictures along the way to show you the process. 

After you print and cut out the FREE pattern, you can trace each piece onto the fabric you plan to use. You will trace and cut out 2 bird shapes and 2 wing shapes but only 1 bottom.

Next, I used an overcasting stitch to attach one wing to each bird. 

Then, with the right sides of the two birds facing each other, sew along the top of the bird from the beak to the tail .

No you want to start on the bottom. Remember, the right sides of the fabric should face each other. Pin along the edge and sew, first one side then the other.

Now that it's sewn, turn it right side out.

Now it's time to stuff it. I used the stuffing from an old toy my son no longer plays with. Once you've stuffed it, you want to sew the tail. And you should get something like this.

For the embrodiery hoop, I spray painted mine a cream color and allowed it to dry completely.

Next I used ribbon to attach the pom poms I made and enough to hang the mobile. It goes something like this

I used orange thread that was quadrupled up to attach the bird which was tied into the middle knot of the ribbon seen in the middle of the hoop. Then I used a thicker string to hang the mobile from the ceiling.

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