Monday, January 27, 2014


I came across letterboxing a while back. I had never heard of such a thing before. For those of you who have also never heard of such a thing here’s how it works. Basically it’s a treasure hunt for homemade stamps. You can find ones in your area by visiting the Letterboxing website. Now some people tell you step by step how to locate them, others are clever and make up riddles but in the end you will (hopefully) find a box with a stamp inside. When I found out about this I was so excited…what a great family fun adventure?!?!? My husband loves geocaching which is where people give you the longitude and latitude coordinates and you have to use a GPS system to locate whatever they have hidden. So this encompasses my husband's love for looking, maybe even hiking, adventure with my love of crafting. Since it’s only January and our weather has been less than favorable for outdoor quests this gives me plenty of time to make my own book to stamp and chronicle our discoveries. I’m thinking about making a printable for it. Maybe a page to list the date, time and place with an area to stamp your new find and also maybe add a picture (I’ll use my Polaroid 300). So I urge you to check out the letterboxing website to see how many great hidden treasures are near you!

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