Sunday, July 1, 2012


Started working on the props for Angela and Jon's photo booth...I googled some photo booth printables and found this great site and basically cut them out, traced them on to foam and attached sticks
A few of the mouths I liked so I just glued them to the foam to make them sturdy. All the products I used were bought from AC Moore. I bought foam to make some and they had really cool wood masks too that you paint yourself. This I thought would be really fun. I bought 2 owls (me and Angela's thing) and a cat and dog...the cat and dog didn't turn out too well but the owls are pretty cute. The one I tried to paint silimar to here wedding colors (which doesn't show up that well in the picture) and the other is kind of purple...somehow mixing a brown and tan color got me purple, I dunno...but here are the owls...
I will not show you the dog and cat (they are just not pretty...nope) I think I will try to redo them or just get rid of them all together. I'm also going to make chalkboard signs so people can write whatever they want...I'll show more when I have more to show :)

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  1. Soooooooooooo Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!