Monday, May 24, 2010

Create Your Own Art Work

So here's an affordable way to get the artwork that you want in your home. I love the country signs that have cute sayings but I just couldn't find one that would fit in our kitchen. I like the say “Good food, good friends, good times." In fact the saying "good times" is something my husband and I use A LOT. So I really wanted to have a sign with that saying on it. Now my kitchen is this amazing blue color (well I think its amazing) and I have accents of brown, tan and orange. Needless to say I couldn't find those colors in a sign so I took it upon myself to make my own. I went to a local craft store to get supplies. I first went to the scrapbooking section to find paper to use as the background. I found this awesome orange paper that had fluffy white flowers and grabbed two of those. Next I headed to the frame department and found a frame that I liked and I was able to use a coupon on it so I got it for half price. I already had cardstock at home for the lettering. I simply tried to line up the two sheets of paper the best I could to cover up the fact that there were 2 separate sheets instead of one solid background. Cut it the size of the frame. Then I cut out the saying using my Cricut© machine with the Jasmine font. Then I simply glued them in place. After letting it dry I just placed it in the frame. Then I bought some cheap berry garland and draped it around the frame. And there you have it. Total cost was about $15. And it’s custom made!

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